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Max Zuckerman, Scott Cmiel & Manuel Barrueco



My students have been accepted for further study

at many outstanding  colleges, conservatories and universities

and studied with world class professional musicians.


The Berklee College of Music - Mick Goodrick


The Curtis Institute -  Jennifer Higdon


Indiana University - Ernesto Bittiti


Manhattan School of Music - David Leisner, David Starobin


Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT -  Elliot Fisk


Oberlin College -  Steve Aron


Loyola Marymount University - Martha Masters


Peabody Institute, John Hopkins University -  Manuel Barueco, Julian Gray


Pomona College - Jack Sanders


San Francisco Conservatory of Music - Dusan Bogdanovic, Larry Ferrara, David Tanenbaum


University of California, Berkeley - Scott Cmiel


University of California, Santa Cruz - Mesut Ozgen


University of California, Santa Barbara - John Dearman


University of Southern California - Brian Head, Bill Kanengiser, James Smith, Scott Tennant


Yale University - Benjamin Verdery

2005 Matthew & Ben_1.jpg

Matthew Cmiel & Benjamin Verdery


Alumni on the Web

Theresa Calpotura

Matthew Cmiel

Josh Friedman

Sofia Gleeson

Michael Goldberg

Gabriela Lena Frank

Julian Lage

Mark Sessler

Ariadne Smith

Max Zuckerman



Alumni Studies in other subjects


I have former students from over 30 years of teaching that attend school, work, and live across the country and around the world. They work as  doctors, engineers, lawyers, musicians, nurses, scientists, teachers…in many professions enriched by their study of music. They have attended many excellent colleges.


Cornell University




Hobart College


Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Northwestern University


Oberlin College


Pomona College


Stanford University


University of California Berkeley


University of California San Diego


University of California San Francisco Medical School


University of California Santa Barbara


University of Chicago


University of the Pacific McGeorge School of Law


Whitman College


Yale University


and many more


Ariadne Smith & Scott Cmiel



Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Office of Admissions

Dear Mr. Cmiel:


Each year we ask students admitted to MIT to share with us the name of a teacher who has been especially influential in their development. It is a remarkable achievement and a great honor to change a life, so we congratulate you on being named this year by Ariadne G. Smith.


Most importantly, we thank you for the time, patience, expertise, love, discipline and all the other qualities which have had such an important impact on your students. You do the work from which all of society benefits.


Congratulations again on your excellent work!

We at MIT are deeply grateful.




Marilee Jones

Dean of Admissions

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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