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Scott Cmiel

Scott Cmiel is director of the guitar program at San Francisco School of the Arts

a member of the guitar faculty at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music

and an instructor in the Nueva School Menuhin Program founded by Yehudi Menuhin


His students have won many local, regional and national awards

and they have been featured on local and national radio and television.

His teaching has been praised by some of the guitar world’s most outstanding artists.


Scott Cmiel imbues his teaching with such passion and dedication that he inspires all of us who have dedicated  ourselves to music and the guitar. I regularly coach his students at the

San Francisco Conservatory of Music and always find them brilliantly well prepared.

Scott has been a great force  in the preparation of many future masters ...

he is a wonderful teacher!


Sergio Assad

Latin Grammy Award Winner


It takes a great deal to be a successful mentor of talented young musicians.

In addition to providing first-class technical and musical instruction, a mentor must nurture, inspire, guide, support and in addition must be a students biggest cheer leader and first concert promoter. People like this are rare and in my tours around the world I have had the privilege of meeting only a few. My favorite is San Francisco's Scott Cmiel!


Antigoni Goni

Royal Conservatory of Brussels faculty


Scott Cmiel has established himself as one of the most effective and inspirational

guitar instructors in the United States.  I have had the pleasure of accepting a number of Scott’s former students into my studio at the University of Southern California. They have all been exceptionally well-prepared as musicians and guitarists, and they have shown a contagious enthusiasm for their instrument.  In addition to being a highly qualified teacher, Scott has a warm, nurturing demeanor that encourages all his students to excel.


William Kanengiser

Los Angeles Guitar Quartet

University of Southern California, Thornton School of Music


As artists in residence for San Francisco Performances, we had the pleasure of

working with the students of Scott Cmiel over a period of four years.

Their technical ability and musicality was of the highest standard and a mirror image of

Scott's skill as a teacher and his enthusiasm for the guitar.

A few lucky teachers are fortunate enough to have one exceptionally talented student

but Scott has had so many it cannot be the result of luck. He has the rare gift of motivating and making his pupils enthusiastic about guitar playing. Scott’s open minded attitude towards anything new or different and his hunger to learn put him on the very frontier of a changing guitar world. Scott is surely one of the most inspiring guitar teachers of our time. 


Peter and Zoltan Katona

Katona Twins Guitar Duo

Musikhochschule, Frankfurt, Germany


“Scott Cmiel's passion and excellence in teaching are inherently evident

in the attitude and performance of each and every one of his students. 

I've had the pleasure of hearing many of his students and they all have one thing in common,

a perfect blend of musicianship and technical control.”


Martha Masters

Loyola Marymount University faculty

Guitar Foundation of America International Competition, first prize


"Students of Scott Cmiel succeed and impress at a very high level.

Scott has a way of fusing a responsible work ethic with a huge love for music and the guitar.

I always look forward to hearing his students play."


Scott Tennant

Los Angeles Guitar Quartet

University of Southern California, Thornton School of Music


I’ve had the honor and pleasure of teaching students of Scott Cmiel for many years at my annual master class on the island of Maui and as regular students in the guitar program at Yale.

I've been awestruck by the joy,dedication and high level of musical and technical expertise Scott’s students bring to their art. Their performances are consistently imbued with

a wonderful sense of confidence and accomplishment beyond their years. 

Scott Cmiel is one of the world's foremost guitar pedagogues.

I only wish I could study with him!!!


Benjamin Verdery

guitar department chair

Yale University


Scott Cmiel is one of the bright lights at San Francisco Conservatory of Music. 

I have worked with Scott's students in a master classes and have been consistently impressed,

not only by their level of preparation, but also by the depth of musicality and expression

that Scott instills and inspires.  His understanding of the importance of sound quality and expression as well as his openness to interesting repertoire are exemplary.

Scott Cmiel is preparing the guitar world’s next generation in the best manner possible.


Andrew York

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